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Book Kiddies' Activities and Tours

Schools and Families can now book Special Virtual Tours, Activities, Arts and Crafts for Birthday Parties with us.

Below are some of our Activities and Tours.

Kindly contact us for your  Customized Virtual Museum Tours, Activities and Rates.



Kit your Dolls: Learn Crocheting

Crocheting is the art of using hooks with yarns to form various stiches and loops.

We teach crocheting and, we supply crochet dresses for dolls. Also,Crochet Key Holders and, Crochet Hair Bands etc to compliment your party Souvenirs.

Perfect and Unique Birthday Souvenirs they are!


Virtual Tour of Calabar Slave History Museum

The Calabar Slave History museum was established in 2007 by the Cross River State Government. The theme of the Exhibition is "Human Beings as an Object of Trade 15th to 19th century Experience".

It is a Museum worth exploring on our virtual platform.

IMG-20201210-WA0014 - Gift Ochom.jpg


Hand Sewing Stitches

Learn how to sew using Needle and Thread in 30minutes


Nok Arts

Nok Art refers to huge human, animal, and other figures made out of terracotta pottery, made by the Nok culture.

 Interesting pieces of Arts for inquisitive minds!


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